Chaos / Lyrics / Understanding

Anger fills me,
As my fire is quenched by the chains of this world.

Walls surround me,
While my energy gets absorbed in this immense void.

I’ll show you who i am,
When you learn to be yourself.

I’ll show you love,
When you start to open your eyes.

Sanity is questioned,
By the way that you see the world-

Truth your obstacle,
As you wish your lust could be fulfilled.

Play your games to shame the master,
While i laugh at your transparency.

Security your balancing factor,
I challenge you to know my entirety.

Feel what you will,
And put up another layer-

Dream what you can,
Wish for more false power.

I dare you to see me,
Know me,
Feel me,
Comprehend me-

I invite you to see through my eyes,
Hear how i hear,
Feel what i feel,
or know what i know.

Let yourself go,
Let me enter you,
Let me show you another reality.

When you learn to open your eyes,
When you drop your plastic disguise,
I’ll show you things, which can destroy you-

Try to touch what you wish you could know,
And i’ll drown you in perceptual ecstasy-

Try to feel what can be felt,
And i’ll burn you in a euphoric? reality.

In my angry tears,
As i stare at your world,
I cry for a time when you’ll learn to see-

But if you persist to indulge in your games,
Don’t hate me when i make you bleed…













The concepts of both 'Good' and 'Evil' are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.