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The Offering…

Chaos / Lyrics / The Offering…

Take what i Give.
Don’t Speak of it,
to me or Anyone.
don’t Hate it,
don’t love It,
Unless it’s meant Purely.
don’t React visibly.
if Anyone asks-
It came From Inside.
Touch it-
Smell it-
Hold it-
Feel it-
Know what It Means.
if You Want it, it’s Yours,
Take what it Gives.

if You Don’t Want it,
Hold It for Another Time, but Never Lose It.

when the Time Comes,
Give it To Me,
and I Will Know.
but You Must React First and Openly.

if You Don’t understand,
then It Means nothing.

Ask no Questions,
I Know nothing.
only React,
and then You may Know…

The concepts of both 'Good' and 'Evil' are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.