The Broken Song…

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The feeling i have for you is real
An explanation you can only feel
The truth lies deep inside my mind
Maybe there can be a time
When i can express all i know
And it will never be a show
Can there ever be a day
When i can show you in every way
All the things i hold inside
I promise i will never hide
For all the things we’ll ever be through
Can i ever show you i’ll be true?
True to all the things that will be
How can i make you see?
Please understand my cry
Because if you don’t i’ll surely die
Our love is as the ocean
Filled with loving motion
When we touch i feel the need to be
For me is all eternity
My thoughts for you as time does pass
Will live and love and always last

These words i can never give to you
For fear that they won’t be true
To what is really inside me
Even if i truly plead
This song this rhyme whatever it is
Wont last because of what time bids

Will you ever tell me what you feel?
Will you ever tell me it’s true and real?
Will you ever open your heart to me?
And tell me your every need

I plant this song just like a seed
For hoping there will be a need
For time can only really tell
What lies beneath this broken shell

Help me teach me what you are
Never go away too far
I gave you one night all i could
But words never do as they should
I can try and try and never prevail
Because words are words and will always fail…













The concepts of both 'Good' and 'Evil' are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.