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I Remember…

Chaos / Lyrics / I Remember…

I remember times like these,
When everything was like fantasy.
All the people would walk by,
Leaving me alone and weak to die.

I remember the tears i cried,
Pooling up- by your side.
Drink your fill- empty me inside,
Maybe one day i’ll learn to fly.

Rock me in your arms,
Sing me a lullaby,
Tell me that you will always be there,
And that i will never die.

Sweet to my lips-
Bitter in your heart-
Tears shine in this intense darkness.

I scream at the walls,
That won’t let me touch-
Denied the sweet pleasure,
Of being inside.

Blinded as i reach out,
Infant needing to drink its fill,
Bleeding from the chest,
I want to drink from inside you.

Futile feelings of a love i cannot have,
Clay man under feet of iron,
Lover of nothing but dreams,
For dreams are my happiest realities…