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I Remember…

Chaos / Lyrics / I Remember…

I remember times like these,
When everything was like fantasy.
All the people would walk by,
Leaving me alone and weak to die.

I remember the tears i cried,
Pooling up- by your side.
Drink your fill- empty me inside,
Maybe one day i’ll learn to fly.

Rock me in your arms,
Sing me a lullaby,
Tell me that you will always be there,
And that i will never die.

Sweet to my lips-
Bitter in your heart-
Tears shine in this intense darkness.

I scream at the walls,
That won’t let me touch-
Denied the sweet pleasure,
Of being inside.

Blinded as i reach out,
Infant needing to drink its fill,
Bleeding from the chest,
I want to drink from inside you.

Futile feelings of a love i cannot have,
Clay man under feet of iron,
Lover of nothing but dreams,
For dreams are my happiest realities…

The concepts of both ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.

The best way to contact me is through Facebook. From there i can give you other contact info if it’s required. If you want to talk about the topics in my blog, invite me to your discord or hit me up on FB. Commenting on my posts is a good start. I keep it all public in my efforts to change minds.

I don’t really have any interest in art commissions. My focus is building what i’m doing with The Chaos System and other audio production. I do appreciate it if you were interested, but your best bet would be to develop some kind of relationship with me first if you want to collaborate.