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Downward (Darker)

Chaos / Lyrics / Downward (Darker)

Destroyed my soul, burned my mind
Stress the reality, end all time
From where does hell rule?
From where comes the time?
Do you know the sin-
That comes from within the mind?
Slowly give in, to feelings within
To the darkest depths of your soul
Drain the flesh
Fill your eyes
With perceptions of flesh
That isn’t mine
Feelings come out
Reality feeds
Stress of creation
Flesh bleeds
Creations becomes
Death blinds
Spirits do rule
The nether worlds cry
I know not innocence
I feel what can be
I see with perception
I feel the need
To escape from the pain
With methods of sin
When all comes
I will give in
One with hell
One with flesh
One with creation
One with death
One with love
One with all
Separate from nothing
All i can find
As i sit here now
Writing these words
I look for one
To hold what i know
Loneliness fills me
Is there one i should show?
Afraid to give, afraid to take
Tempted in darkness fore all life’s sake
I know so much
So far to find
I know true love
That comes from time
An opportunity, a chance
An opening for change
As i gave into darkness
Everything remains…

The concepts of both ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.

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I don’t really have any interest in art commissions. My focus is building what i’m doing with The Chaos System and other audio production. I do appreciate it if you were interested, but your best bet would be to develop some kind of relationship with me first if you want to collaborate.