As the blood flows…

Chaos / Lyrics / As the blood flows…

Eternal soul,
destined for ultimate torment,
Hell is nothing
for the pain the mind can create…

The soul longed for all,
and in return got nothing,
but all the fears from the depths of its mind…

It ruled all reality,
or so it did seem,
Destruction was all could be
seen ripping from the seams…

Never wise in its ways,
always thought to know all,
Now all it knows is all the fear
that it forever has sown…

What could have been is fleeting,
for death is all which remains,
A soul which destroys itself,
the torment of all which could be…

Imagine life ripped from you,
disintegrated in all time,
For its death rules forever,
binding the souls in line…

Forget all thoughts of hope,
for despair is all you will know,
Destroyed yourself in ultimate treachery,
pain the only friend to hold to…

Death does crush,
your dead carcass,
even now as it rots…

Every part of you
does cry out for a release from the pain,
But pain now is nothing
for torment forever gains…

Everything and nothing is what you are –
Your soul cannot handle the lies you bred…

Bleed now upon the altar,
pray now for release of the screams,
Your blood runs thick fueling the fire,
burning the life from your death…

Corruption you were has turned on you now,
feel the energy build with no release,
the pressure explodes in your mind…

Absence of darkness is all you can see,
you cannot run, you are chained in the air,
the void of your soul as you ripped yourself to shreds…

But you can’t even die
so the torment remains
for all eternity ‘as the blood flows…’













The concepts of both 'Good' and 'Evil' are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.