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Various lyrics i wrote over the years, primarily when i was much younger. Plenty of cringeworthy ideations of some basic human constructs that have been prescribed to us that i may or may not currently agree with. All that said, there are some gems in here that are good to have documented, and a couple of these have even made it into a song or two that you'll find in the audio section.

Anger fills me, As my fire is quenched by the chains of this world. Walls surround me, While my energy […]

Times go by and i look at the ways i’ve seen the world, Perception in myself changing in ways i […]

Take what i Give. Don’t Speak of it, to me or Anyone. don’t Hate it, don’t love It, Unless it’s […]

The feeling i have for you is real An explanation you can only feel The truth lies deep inside my […]

take a peek my little boy my shadow, my little toy time comes soon to feel my truth fantasies wasted […]

alone in this hell a silent ringing bell implication in a lost cry frustration driving cracks in my life trying […]

And i move from one to another, And reality makes me shudder, Experience lies in all the pain. And i […]

Drain the pain Stains in the rain Your heart goes insane Blood flows out Love in yourself Die to it […]

[whisper] i am the dreamer – you are the dream misaligned soulmates- torn apart at the seams where are you […]

Dry my face in a well of pure pain, time will tell if i’m truly insane, I wander aimlessly in […]

Beloved creature, Lover, teacher- Open myself, come out from inside, And i still can’t cry. Don’t even touch what isn’t […]

i am just a little boy playing with my little toys would you like to come and play with me […]

in a world of dreams & illusions we imagine things are about us – we don’t trust we presuppose – […]

I don’t even know what to say to you, Although i know what you see, to a degree, In me […]

I remember times like these, When everything was like fantasy. All the people would walk by, Leaving me alone and […]

Enveloped in fear The time draws near To when you shall die And maybe some will cry Fly away from […]

(The Internal Struggle) Chaos/ Order, Black/ White The flip side of the coin Retain the hopes of all the evil […]

she’s the demoness in the red dress she’s the one who knows how to bless the dark desires in her […]

Destroyed my soul, burned my mind Stress the reality, end all time From where does hell rule? From where comes […]

bloodlust games reduced in shame crazy lame insanity feelings believed to be a sin cracking open cemented shells walls reduced […]

Eternal soul, destined for ultimate torment, Hell is nothing for the pain the mind can create… The soul longed for […]

The concepts of both 'Good' and 'Evil' are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.

The best way to contact me is through Twitter. From there i can give you other contact info if it's required. If you want to talk about the topics in my blog, hit me up on Twitter.

I don't really have any interest in art commissions. My focus is building what i'm doing with The Chaos System and other audio production. I do appreciate it if you were interested, but your best bet would be to develop some kind of relationship with me first if you want to collaborate.