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Art Collections

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These are the collections of different forms of static visual art, sculpture, and design work i've designed over 25 years. Some personal, some just fun, some work done for different employers or clients.

Cult of Ego I
A reflection and critique of the focus on the self as art expression. Created before the concept of the "selfie" was a thing.
Cult of Ego II
Part two of the reflection, including a dive into the idea of obsession and the "muse" concept.
Digital Abstracts
A collection of art designed to be nothing like any of my standard styles. More abstract art with lots of strange texture and photo samples.
A random, unsorted collection of art from my entire life of working with Photoshop, Illustrator, and some old school 3D programs.
Black & White Day
A day in Miami AZ with a camera and some feet.
Nude Art Night
Photoshop portraits done on the fly during live nude modeling nights at the old Black & White House.
Project i did creating art using halftone patterns of some housemates when living at The Firehouse Gallery art collective.
Sacred the Munny
A critique of the human notions of what is sacred, in brutal and unapologetic fashion.
Chaos Sculpture 01
My first real world chaos sculpture build. it was made out of an old bed frame. Still have and use it!
Chaos Sculpture 02
A more complex version of the 3D Chaos Symbol i'd been building in my head for many years. It's the prototype for more to come.

The concepts of both ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.

The best way to contact me is through Facebook. From there i can give you other contact info if it’s required. If you want to talk about the topics in my blog, invite me to your discord or hit me up on FB. Commenting on my posts is a good start. I keep it all public in my efforts to change minds.

I don’t really have any interest in art commissions. My focus is building what i’m doing with The Chaos System and other audio production. I do appreciate it if you were interested, but your best bet would be to develop some kind of relationship with me first if you want to collaborate.