Liberalism is a lie…

by | March 11, 2016

Really? You thought this idea was worth anything?

Chaos / Blogs / Liberalism is a lie…

Liberalism is a lie…

by | March 11, 2016

Really? You thought this idea was worth anything?

Chaos / Blogs / Liberalism is a lie…

There is no such thing as a liberal government, as all governments are designed to suppress change and act to control through conservatism while acting to preserve the illusion of security.

Any political movement which seeks its power to change through the government is conservative, as this is only a change which is inevitable, and is not designed for anything but the slowest of progressiveness.

Liberalism that seeks new rules to impose on people through government is conservatism behind a mask, and fundamentally only seeks the power to impose the repression of change under a new control; new oppression; a new culture of programmed compliance.

If our species actually embraced change as normative, instead of fighting it at every turn, then war as we know it would be obsolete, as it only happens when there is no choice but to change because natural law imposes it on us. Instead, we fight for a Newtonian world of certainty, with gods we create there to enforce it, and punishments there for those who oppose it.

Death is change, and we prefer fear instead of embracing it. The only kinds of social systems which are truly liberal, or actually fight for true liberty, are anarchistic and chaotic ones. And only these kinds can actualize the progressive potential of the human endeavor. The rest are a delusion we convince ourselves enables change when that only comes because it’s inevitable. This is not choice, it’s what the universe forces on us despite ourselves.

Any time you hold a value to be true, and believe that you have found a way that people ought to live and believe and seek to enforce it through government or dogma, you have created new conservative oppression and are why this species has done very little to evolve away from control, and conscious development has progressed effectively not at all for thousands of years.

Liberalism is nothing more than conservatism hidden behind a mask we sell to ourselves to convince ourselves we are the architects of our own change.

But we could be… If we stopped fearing death and embraced the potential nature has given us.

If there were any other species that visited us, or a subset of our species, that truly embraced change without this delusion, we would be outcompeted and made extinct or irrelevant in no time; and we’d be convinced they were evil, when really they’d just be more in alignment with the nature of the universe, instead of fighting it at every turn.

About the author:

Glen Allan is a ridiculous person with thoughts and ideas which fly in the face of normal convention and challenge many assumptions about what people generally think of as reality.

He recognizes that many people will either disagree or claim the ideas to be founded in delusion, and only has to say that he'd like it if you could try to realize the world might not be what you think it is.













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