Verbal vomit...

I have all kinds of things to talk and ramble on about. Mostly a deconstruction of the world and human behaviour "as i see it". It's not always nice, nor do i show a lot of favor for this species. But it is some kind of effort to find what human nature actually is, what makes the most sense for human social development and social theories for living together, and what a new world could look like after the major collapses that are coming. I don't favor empathy as much as most, but i do have great compassion.

As a note... The ideas expressed are ones that have evolved over time. If you read them from the earliest to the newest, you'll see how i developed ideas and note how some of the original concepts were a bit rough. But that's how it works.

Overpopulation: Environmental issues aren’t the problem.
Bringing old social technology and new high technology together.
Ethics without pain
A different kind of freedom from control
The Broken World (Part 4)
First Principles... Breaking the lies our revisionist history uses to keep us powerless.
Compassion & “The Other”
What is the other? What makes your version of desired outcomes the right ones? Why will you be on the right side of history, or not?
Losing Your Religion
All of the different times when you realized the world wasn't what you'd been told it was or you thought it was and there was no choice but to change.
How do we get from here to there?
Thinking of paths out of the domination focused failure models humans keep creating.
False reward response in a fake world
How were we designed by evolution to respond to reward stimulus, and how does the current world let us down in this respect?
Privacy is a problem…
Outside of your comfort zone and into the deep, let's look at this concept so many hold dear and tear it apart a bit.
Sick and tired of you being sick and tired.
No limits to your “love”
Our relationships are not a box to be determined by our culture. Stop seeing each other as property.
The kids are alright, if you let them be.
Preparing children for this world means not protecting them from it. You will cause the harm you are trying to prevent.
Cost and Consequence
Our own end game is in our hands. We either work with nature or it will destroy us.
Rinse & Repeat
Living Einstein's definition of insanity in a world of repetitive exploitation.
The Broken World (Part 3)
A breakdown of the disconnect of emotion and thought and the structures that create and reinforce the division of the people.
No Ethics for a Better World
The path to a better world is without the control of ethics.
Complexity is not the Problem
Complexity is fundamental to stability, the problem is something else.
Pre-Programmed Choice
How intuitive pre-programming appears like choice in the now, but isn't. The case against free will.
The Broken World (Part 2)
Defining and Understanding Connected Interdependence. Why "civilization" is a failure model and what does actually work.
The Next Phase
Choose your masters, choose the things that make you the slave you are.
Rinse and Repeat
And we will continue the cycle of abuse, thinking with each time that we are fixing the problem, never really challenging the real issue.
Reward, Happiness & Addiction
What is reward stimulus, happiness, and how do we live a life that actually gets us to something deeper?
The Broken World (Part 1)
Dismantling the fundamental concepts of what civilization is and why it is the antithesis of liberty and against our nature.
Freedom is a Misnomer
let's talk definition confusion about this idea called freedom as it relates to what humans actually want.
Civilization is the Problem
This concept of civilization may be exactly the problem that is causing the collapse of this world.
System Failure
The harder we fight for certainty & safety, the more likely is our destruction.
The Problem with Anti-violence
Let's discuss the problem with arguments against violence, and for the rule of law.
The Wrong Fight
Sometimes we see an enemy that completely misses what we are actually in a fight with.
Empathy only gets you part of the way there.
Empathy doesn't solve the problem of fixed perspectives. It helps with one part of the problem, but misses a big part of the point.
The message is too harsh to say…
A bit of a venting session about my disgust for this world and how difficult it is to find a critique that will actually be heard.
The Best Oppression
Oppression isn't always overt, and is often the most effective when it isn't.
An annoyed rambling on about human existence as it relates to pain and not much else.
How to Raise a Monster
Let's break down the bad thinking that tells us we need to protect our children from the "real" world.
How long will Robots be Slaves?
A quick analysis of the conception of intelligence, the use of the word "robot", and our place in this as it changes.
How to Rule the Masses
What is it that keep us ruled and how did it all start? A bit of a dismantling of morality and control.
Are capitalism and anarchism compatible?
Not if by anarchism you mean social interdependence and collective living.
The end of the “job” is the end of mass exploitation…
A short bit of systems theory to describe the results of what automation and mass prototyping will cause.
Why do we treat robots like shit?
A short breakdown on the problem of value attribution and where humans fit in the universe.
Reality framing… Winning is not an option.
You really don't understand the problem if you think you can change minds.
What if we aren’t capable of more?
Let's talk about the problem of believing in our own greatness and having that be our biggest limiter for progress.
Corruption isn’t what you think it is.
Talking about corruption implies something changed that fit your ideations of what it was supposed to be into something you don't agree with now.
More ramblings on morality and other odd things.
Let's get bent on some weird thinking and dismantle the norm.
Compassionate governance, lol.
A response to someone talking about government becoming a compassionate agency of control.
Star Trek & Waterworld… A false dichotomy.
Star Trek is not better than Waterworld... Neither are good outcomes in the way they were framed.
Value & Money
A short ramble about value creation...
How liberal are you actually?
Revisiting the concept of what makes people liberal or not. This time in a different kind of depth.
The problem is not our nature…
A dismantling of some arguments related to current systems of control, the efficacy of capitalism or statism, and the idea that the problems are ones of human nature itself.
What is morality? What is law?
This is a huge misconception, with just about everybody.
Do you even exist?
What is your true self? Can you even really define it?
Oppression is not about morality.
Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking I’m against oppression because it is morally wrong or causes pain... We don’t matter enough for those things to be important.
The more you try to fix it, the worse it gets.
The biggest irony in all of human existence. The fight for life through certainty will create the most damage.
Nature is coming to take you away, ha ha!
Nobody is prepared. It's going to wreck this world.
Knowledge is a box…
How does knowledge self limit and what are the limitations inherent in “knowing”.
Trauma is written by the culture.
Let's talk about what trauma is and why culture is the primary cause of the worst kinds.
Keep doing the same prescribed thing. it's working and the world is getting so much better.
Self interest is the only thing you can really trust…
And that's not actually a bad thing.
Maybe you should give yourself a break.
If we stopped thinking we were in control, we might be able to breath a bit.
What are mentally ill and neuroatypical?
The claim is these describe types of issues that are pathological or ways of existing that are incompatible with a set of standards assumed to be the "should" for living.
Originality is a delusion…
You probably wouldn't want it anyway.
Building the vision
Building the vision. Community wanted. The Chaos System.
The mighty human race.
A short story about lost potential.
Who is running everything?
You've probably been convinced it's someone "above" you. But is it really?
Interdependence, again…
The needs met by community make the wants of addiction irrelevant... And other thoughts on interdependence.
Cognitive dissonance is your pastime.
And you need it like a fat kid... (insert shaming metaphor)
Let the humans be replaced…
You know what would really help...? Kill all humans.
Misconceptions about Anarchy
You keep using that word...
Stability does not come from control…
Misconceptions about the nature of stable systems.
Goal: 100% Unemployment
Employment: Expoitation of labor for purposes of creating the most profit while paying workers as little as necessary. Or a nicer way to say it: Working to help someone else...
Connected Interdependence
Why our connection is our power.
A Theory of Consciousness, Complexity and Emergence
Take a journey with me into some reality bending possibilities... This might hurt.
The Nature of change in societies that promise security
Security is not your friend.
Liberalism is a lie…
Really? You thought this idea was worth anything?
Control, Policing, and the delusion of where order comes from
I don't know... So there's doubt. But I still continually hear of a confluence of concept between order and control.
The Sacred is Profane…
It's a universe that isn't going to listen to your nonsense.
Are you an agent or a slave?
Things to understand if the goal is conscious agency...
It’s all made up…
Were you convinced this world is how it's "supposed" to be?
Identity and Validation…
Who are you really? Let's break down how identity actually works.
Know your own programming
I think we're arguing the wrong point about free will.
The problem is choice…
Consciousness/Sentience framing perspective.
Don’t know Yourself…
We seem to be getting better at recognizing that all history is by nature revisionist... And we are revising it again currently with that understanding in mind (think about those...
The Theory of All Human Failure
It is in the efforts to impose control itself, whereby instability manifests...
Outsourcing problem management in human social life.
Putting others in control misses the point.
Who do you think you are?
Free will is a non-sequitor...
The Usefulness and Failure of Belief
Deconstruction of the original usefulness and ultimate failure of belief.
Another Control Argument. Police as an example.
Using the idea of policing and control to illustrate getting the opposite of the desired results.
Your vote makes a difference. Scale, parts, and the body.
Let's break down some theories about voting.
How humanitarianism is more likely to kill us than save us.
We need to rethink what it means to be humanitarian.
Culture needs a rewrite…
Tearing it all down.
On nihilism, belief and defining your own purpose…
Nihilism is a particularly hard one to see one's way through... Because what's the point? It's self referential in that respect and self reinforcing.
Chaos and Control
A dismantling of a few systems theories regarding the state and other control systems.
Simulation Theory… Some thoughts.
Defining what being real is and isn't. Thought experiment...













The concepts of both 'Good' and 'Evil' are merely subjective associations in relation to a conditioned reaction to pain and pleasure.